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Your patients deserve to be treated with compassion and integrity. The best way to provide that is to hire a staff of caring and knowledgeable individuals. Envista Health is a health care staffing agency based in Florida that connects health care professionals with promising jobs across the country. Whether you're an individual searching for health care jobs or a medical facility looking to increase your staff, our medical staffing agency can help.

What qualities do we look for in health care professionals?

Our Florida-based nursing staffing agency believes in going further than credentials. We make sure our health care professionals have the qualities that will allow them to provide exceptional care while helping your business thrive. You can expect all of our professionals to show:

  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Passion for the job






Ready to start your health care career or hire a professional for your medical facility in Florida? Contact our home care and travel nursing agency today.


Grow your business with a dedicated staff

Envista Health offers health care staffing solutions for any setting. Our trained professionals can fill your vacancies, grow your business and help you achieve better client satisfaction.

We can set your business up with traveling nurses, a per diem health care staff or correctional staffing. We can even help you find staff for home care services. Call our nursing staffing agency today at 407-637-2981 to learn more about our services.

Welcome to Envista Health.

Your resource for individualized home care and concierge services as well as staffing support in any healthcare setting.

This website will answer some of your questions about our services and qualifications but we want to hear from you personally. Our one-on-one conversations with you allow us to meet your exact needs at the exact time you need them.

Our Services

The Envista Health Home Care Team wants each client to maintain a comfortable and independent lifestyle where ever they choose to call home. Sometimes that requires a little extra help. That's why we're here. Our care plans are as individual as the clients we serve. We work with each client and their families to create the best support and care system possible. Visit our Home Care page or call us to learn more.

Envista Health Concierge Services provide those who desire unique and specialized services. You or a family member may need extra assistance after a surgical procedure; or, a mid-aged loved one may have just been released from the hospital and needs help resettling in their home and reengaging in lifestyle activities. Our concierge services provide that non-medical attention to detail.

Envista Health offers Staffing Solutions in any healthcare setting. Our trained, healthcare professionals can fill your vacancies, grow your business and help you achieve client and caregiver satisfaction.

After visiting our site you will have questions about your own unique needs. Please give us a call. We have staff members available for live conversation 24/7. We look forward to hearing from you.