Correctional Staffing

Correctional Healthcare Company in Winter park, FL

Correctional Healthcare Company in Winter park, FL

Our team understands that the need for healthcare staff is one the leading difficulties for all healthcare providers and facilities. Staff vacancies can affect your ability to focus on patient care and can become very costly. That is why our team specializes in providing you with staff to fill your needs when you have them. We offer per diem (PRN), contracted & travel staff, and direct placement services to our clients.

Our healthcare professionals have satisfied industry leading selection requirements. Staff of all skill levels are carefully screened and evaluated through personal interview. License and certification validation, verification of past employment, a variety of skills tests, training and orientation are reviewed very carefully by Envista Health.

Envista Health is a customer-focused organization striving to simplify your experience and save you money. For your convenience, Envista Health staff is available for live conversation 24/7, including holidays.

Envista Health is Committed to Providing

  • Competent, qualified healthcare professionals
  • Annual competencies, as required by accrediting agencies
  • Streamlined approach for your staff to request and secure their supplemental needs
  • Customer focused personnel who understand your business needs, your service area and your regulatory requirements
  • Competitive pricing, we are NOT a franchise